Stav vzťahov medzi EÚ a Čínou – Plenárna schôdza

Plenárna schôdza dňa 11.09.2018

Boris Zala (S&D). – Madam President, I think three steps are necessary. Firstly, China shoud be pulled into the complete system of international order, especially at a time when the Trump Administration is going to destroy it. Secondly, a structure of EU strategic interests should be created, especially in the areas of technology, trade, financial services and militarily sensitive issues.

In this context, we need a clear strategy on how to support European values and the European political model. Thirdly, cooperation should be enhanced with China, especially in Africa, in the areas of investment, infrastructure projects, peacekeeping and conflict resolutions, but based on our social and environmental standards. This report is a welcome step towards those three strategic intentions of the European Union.